Complie .f95 with ifort (zt) 

gfortran works fine with .f95 file.


“In my opinion, the use of .f95 to mean “Fortran 95 source” is misguided. It is unfortunate that the industry settled on .f90 to mean “free-form source” as many people mistakenly assumed that this was somehow tied to the particular variant of the language. Some compilers do recognize .f95 (and perhaps even now .f03?), but some do not.

For the Intel compiler, the way to do this is:

ifort -Tf filemane.f95 -free

The -Tf tells the ifort driver that the following filename is a Fortran source file, no matter what the file type. By default, such files are treated as fixed-form source, so you would then add -free to have it be recognized as free-form source (assuming that it is.)

My advice is to use the .f90 file type consistently, as it is pretty much universally implemented.

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